Unity-Tech is a production company serving B2B customers in the electronic industry.


Its core competency is fast and flexible delivery, which requires an effective inventory management system,
Unity-Tech used Navision before using Rackbeat WMS.
Thor Mønsted, CEO, states the following about Rackbeat:

Warehouse Management with an impact

In contrast to our previous WMS, Rackbeats onboarding only took 10-15 min. Rackbeat helps us work better and smarter by gathering all information into a singular dashboard

 To put it briefly: Using Rackbeat provides the same relief as when a headache disappears. It simply makes things so much easier

Thor Mønsted, CEO

A noticeable improvement in productivity

” We can now calculate prices and create new products in under 15 min. Also, creating BOMs has become as easy as ABC. Before Rackbeat purchasing was a fulltime position, now it is an 1/4- position. Rackbeat has improved our productivity by at least 10-15 %”

Inventory management – created with the end -user in mind

“Finally, an inventory management system, that removes all unnecessary information, dimensions, and screenshots, only focused on what actually makes work easier for the end-user.” 

Thor Mønsted, CEO