Unity-Tech is a production company serving B2B customers in the electronic industry.


Its core competency is fast and flexible delivery, which requires an effective inventory management system,
Unity-Tech used Navision before using Rackbeat IMS.
Thor Mønsted, CEO, states the following about Rackbeat:

Inventory Management with an impact

In contrast to our previous IMS, Rackbeats onboarding only took 10-15 min. Rackbeat helps us work better and smarter by gathering all information into a singular dashboard

 To put it briefly: Using Rackbeat provides the same relief as when a headache disappears. It simply makes things so much easier

Thor Mønsted, CEO

A noticeable improvement in productivity

” We can now calculate prices and create new products in under 15 min. Also, creating BOMs has become as easy as ABC. Before Rackbeat purchasing was a fulltime position, now it is an 1/4- position. Rackbeat has improved our productivity by at least 10-15 %”


Inventory management – created with the end -user in mind

“Finally, an inventory management system, that removes all unnecessary information, dimensions, and screenshots, only focused on what actually makes work easier for the end-user.” 

Thor Mønsted, CEO


Want to Ease the Workload Like Unity Tech?

If your business needs an inventory management boost – making your daily operations much easier, more profitable and efficient, then Rackbeat is just the right system for you.

But you may doubt whether Rackbeat can accomodate your specific needs and fit in with your current set-up.

To put your apprehension to rest, we offer you a free presentation of the system with one of Rackbeat’s inventory experts. The conversation will be centered around your business’ specific needs and set-up, and the demo will thereby be tailored to you.


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