"Rackbeat provides more opportunities than other warehouse management systems. When it comes to minimizing errors, and getting everything running, I think Rackbeat really brings it."


Beds with soul

The Danish furniture company Scanliving has produced sustainable quality bedframes for children and youngsters, since 1989. 

With a colorful suite of products, accessories and creative combinations that can be tailored to the childs needs and development, there is a lot to be managed at Scanliving. Especially if you want to live up to live up to the high quality, great service and short delivery times Scanliving strive for. 

Rackbeat has been helping them achieve this since 2020.

Ready for the Future

Back in 2020, Scanliving chose Rackbeat because they were facing an increase in order flow, and needed a WMS that was »easy to pick up« and was »better geared towards handling many collections of products, barcodes, and group item numbers.« 

If you start dividing beds up into sizes, colors, and variations, you’re quickly going to find yourself with a long list of item numbers that need to be passed on to production. That doesn’t only pose an increased risk for clerical errors and internal miscommunication, it’s also a time consuming process in need of oversight.

Back in the day, Scanliving often received orders via phone calls or e-mail. The development of the last few years – including growth, and an increasing demand across Europe – created concrete needs, that called for a future-proof solution.

Rackbeat provides opportunities that other warehouse management systems simply do not.

When it comes to minimizing errors, and getting everything running, I think Rackbeat really brings it.”

In that way, Rackbeat assists Scanliving daily, by streamlining workflows that were previously challenging, if they »wanted to make things easier for themselves, their customers, and those involved in the process.« This has been a close collaboration between Scanliving and Rackbeat from the start, to ensure the best possible experience. Scanliving had a problem, and we’re proud and excited that they chose Rackbeat to provide software that allows them to focus on doing what they do best:
Creating quality beds, that bring joy into the homes of families.


All the information is already there if we got a new order through our webshop. From there i can simply send it directly to the warehouse as dropship.
The only thing I need to do is a delivery note, book the shipping and debit.

When the product numbers are created, you’re always sure that everything is in order, and that you don’t make mistakes. That right there, is time saved.