How Does Rackbeat Affect My Workflows? From Webshop Inventory to Dedicated Inventory Management

By Rackbeat May 10, 2024

When the Inventory in the Webshop Falls Short

Imagine you are a circus director and your webshop is an acrobat. 

Every day, you ask this acrobat to stretch their arms out wide to catch every single customer order while also keeping track of a jumble of props backstage.

It’s more than your acrobat’s joints can handle in the long run. 

Your webshop isn’t designed to handle all the work tasks involved in efficient inventory management, nor to manage sales over your digital desk. Although most webshops can handle the most basic inventory management function, namely showing your goods’ inventory, there are many vital functions you will miss without Rackbeat’s dedicated inventory system.

We will present these to you in this guide.

But first, we’ll go through some key points regarding the transition from running your inventory in a webshop to Rackbeat, as the interaction between the systems can have a significant impact on your workflows. 

Of course, a positive one. 

In this way, we properly equip you so that your webshop doesn’t have to juggle tasks that another artist can handle better, but instead can focus on performing what you have hired it for.



 Nice to Know When Transitioning from the Webshop Inventory to Rackbeat

1. Product Information

Although Rackbeat effectively handles many aspects of product management, it is not a Product Information Management system. Specifically, this means that you cannot create or manage product categories, tags, or image variations in Rackbeat, as you know from your webshop. Therefore, it is recommended that you create your products in the webshop so that customers are presented with all the relevant information. Here, Rackbeat acts as the “backend,” or inventory, for the products, ensuring complete control of the inventory. This ensures consistency in the product data across platforms.


2. Integration with Multiple Webshops

Rackbeat can be integrated with most webshops through an open API. This includes popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Smartweb, and others. This means that you gain access to a host of new features that your good old webshop didn’t have the keys to. However, be aware that while the connection to the first webshop is free, additional webshops incur an extra monthly cost.

3. Familiarize Yourself with Your New System

As mentioned, Rackbeat’s inventory system offers you several more options and features than you know from the inventory management in the webshop. Therefore, the switch to a more advanced inventory system also involves a period where adaptation is necessary. 

It’s also a good idea to take advantage of Rackbeat’s free 14-day trial so you can become completely familiar with the system. We recommend that you use our preset demo data during the trial period. This saves you time and allows you to explore the system’s features without interfering with your business data.


4. Write Down Your Needs and Talk to a Specialist

Talking to a specialist does wonders in your preparation for a new system. However, before you go into detail with a specialist, it is crucial that you have a clear understanding of your company’s specific needs. Review your existing workflows and precisely assess the challenges you expect Rackbeat to help solve, as well as the goals you have for implementing an inventory system.


5. Book a Free Presentation 

But you don’t have to be 100% clear on your needs. Rackbeat offers a personal demonstration of our system, where a specialist will have an initial discussion about your needs before showing you how Rackbeat can meet these. This gives you concrete insight into how your workflows can be improved.

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That’s all the practical stuff. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the many benefits Rackbeat’s inventory system provides you and your webshop.


The Benefits of Going Rackbeat

In addition to providing you with essential inventory functions, such as the ability to divide your inventory into sublocations, make inventory adjustments, do stock counts, get real-time updates on all item movements, Rackbeat also offers:

Purchase Management with Automatic Reordering Reminders

Rackbeat’s purchase management enables you to make your purchases directly from your supplier – without having to call, switch to another system, or dig up their email from the archives. When the goods then arrive at your warehouse, you can immediately register the reception, after which your inventory is updated. You can even receive reorder reminders from the inventory system as soon as your specified minimum inventory is reached for the product. Rackbeat thus ensures that your webshop always has goods to offer your customers.

Unification of Your Sales Channels

Rackbeat consolidates all your sales orders in one integrated order overview, giving you a clear overview of your company’s total sales activities. Regardless of the sales channel – webshop, POS, or manually created orders – Rackbeat’s order management ensures real-time synchronization and updating of your order data. This means you never get lost in order confusion, and customers receive their orders on time. With all your sales data available, you can quickly adapt to market developments, optimize your inventory, and enhance customer service. This contributes to more efficient business operations and improves the bottom line.

Batch and Serial Number Management

Rackbeat offers advanced batch and serial number management, which is essential if you sell products with specific requirements. These could be items with expiration dates or products where you have a particular need to track the product’s path through the supply chain. This feature is therefore particularly important if you deal with food, medical products, or electronics, where accurate tracking can be crucial in case of recalls or warranty claims.


Data-Driven Operations with Reports

With Rackbeat’s comprehensive reporting features, you can gain deep insights into your financial inventory values, reorder reports, sales and purchase statistics, and much more. This makes your business more data-driven, which will equip you to make the right decisions based on current and historical data. For are you now dealing with the right suppliers with the best purchase prices? And does that product actually sell enough to justify buying it home in the quantities you do at the moment?

These were just some of the many benefits you gain by sparing your webshop from inventory tasks and switching to Rackbeat’s dedicated inventory system. If you would like to get a deeper insight into how we can supplement your exact setup, we recommend that you get a non-binding system presentation. Here, a specialist will ask you a bit about your business, after which they will give you a thorough walkthrough.

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