Using Rackbeat's add-on modules, you can further customize your set-up


The B2B module gives you:

Options for direct order communication

Notifications sent directly to the responsible seller

The option of letting your B2B customer gain access to your inventory status

EASY order management

100 USD - 10 B2B customers

Get support for B2B sales, sell more, and improve your customer service!

A simple solution for labels

The label print add-on gives you:

Easy management of receiving, shipping, and inventory flow

Barcode scanner labels

Installation, set-up, and help

Updates and maintenance

100 USD - Per Month

Receiving, sending, and handling goods is easy with labels and scanners.

A simple way to handle product variations

The serial number management module enables:

Tracking of every single product

Traceability of purchase/sales

Manage which unique products the customer has purchased

Manage guarantees & warranties

40 USD - Per month. Per user

Easy management of variants of any products.

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