Make life easier for your warehouse staff

Add-on module designed to fit the warehouse employee’s workflows

Even though they work around the same inventory, a warehouse employee does not have the same functionality needs as the warehouse manager. This is why we have developed an add-on module specifically for the warehouse employee’s workflows.

Our warehouse user add-on is a simple way to reduce errors, save time and make everyday life easier for warehousing and logistics employees.

You can read more about how to get started with one of the add-ons here.

You can purchase a warehouse user at any time, regardless of whether you have a basic or premium subscription

Warehouse user

39 USD

per month per user

Supplement to Basic and premium

Mobile and scanner friendly interface

Easy barcode scanning and stock counting

Receive and send orders

Stock adjustments

Get started

Pick and pack
When your employees have to pick orders from the warehouse, they can, with a warehouse user directly on a smartphone or scanner, ensure fast and correct processing of all orders. The pick list will be at hand and with the option of barcode scanning, the time-consuming manual processes will be eliminated. Once the entire order has been picked and packed, the status of the order will be automatically updated in Rackbeat so that it is ready for shipment.

Stock-taking / adjustment
With the warehouse user add-on, your employees can count or adjust the inventory directly on a smartphone or scanner. This makes it easy to create an overview of the products that the company has in stock and, with a direct connection to your Rackbeat account, the information will automatically be available in the overall inventory overview.

Order/stock movement
The warehouse user makes it easy and fast to move goods from one location to another. This means that your warehouse employees can use a smartphone or scanner to pack the orders and move products to different locations directly from the warehouse floor.