WMS for Webshops: 5 Reasons Your Webshop Needs Rackbeat

By Rackbeat March 15, 2024

WMS for Webshops

When you run a webshop, the accelerator is fully pressed to ensure that as many goods as possible are processed through the garage. Here, you probably focus on keeping the driving lane smooth for the customer experience, so that your visitors are not just passersby but also return to your webshop.

Here we just have to pump the brakes…

Because when the sales rocket is on fire, it is crucial that your inventory management is closely connected to the webshop.

(If there is no control on the back end, you derail at the front).

You need to have 100% certainty about what you have in stock – at any given time, to support your sales. Otherwise, you will not meet the demand, and you will most likely lose money on purchases based on an incorrect inventory.

If you want to avoid this and instead strengthen inventory management and your webshop operations, you should synchronize your inventory with your online trade using a WMS for your webshop.

Here are 5 reasons why Rackbeat WMS will improve your business when you run a webshop:


1. Rackbeat’s WMS Can Team Up with Your Other Systems

You likely have other systems besides your webshop that help make your business more automatic, digital, and streamlined. Maybe you have an accounting system, inventory system, shipping system, POS, CRM – or a combination.

But if these systems are not fully integrated, you spend a lot of time on double work, such as:

  1. Creation of items and item groups
  2. Billing
  3. Order processing
  4. Recording of waste
  5. Return orders.

Here, Rackbeat’s WMS for webshops can help you, as the inventory system is equipped with an open API. This means that you get synchronized item groups, inventory data, invoices, orders, and purchases in real-time with your other systems.

And thus, the double work ends.

See which webshops Rackbeat collaborates with.


2. Rackbeat’s WMS Updates Your Inventory in Real-Time

One of the biggest challenges in running a webshop is keeping the inventory status updated so that both you and the customer can be sure that the item count in the webshop reflects the number in stock.

It should be remembered that it is not only at a sale that you must go to the keyboard.

Every time you write down an item, for example, one that has been damaged, order new products home, or receive return items, you must remember to update your inventory. And it is a task that is both time-consuming and hard to remember. Especially when things move extra fast.

But with Rackbeat’s WMS for webshops, you do not need to spend energy on either correcting inventory sheets or remembering it. You get your inventory updated and synchronized your item numbers with the webshop as soon as a purchase, sale, return, or write-down occurs.

You also do not need to ponder when to order new items when the stock is low. Because Rackbeat’s WMS for webshops can give you reordering reminders, ensuring that you can meet the demand for all your products.


3. In Rackbeat’s WMS, You Can Easily Handle Items and Prices

Your products are the focal point of your entire business. And they never stand still. Some are discontinued, others are added.

At the same time, prices sometimes need to be adjusted – whether if you need to offload a particular item, or you run seasonal promotions.

Keeping all item numbers and item groups updated can frankly be exhausting and time-consuming. Not to mention if you have to change them in your inventory sheets, your accounting system, and your webshop.

Here too, Rackbeat can make your job with product handling much easier:

You can create all the products you can imagine and include exactly the information you need, with Rackbeat’s customizable overviews. 

It could, for example, be the product’s primary supplier, the currency it is traded in, purchase prices, inventory, etc.

And you can also import new suppliers, products, updated prices, and customer lists directly into the system from your Excel files, so you don’t need to enter everything – neither in the inventory system nor the webshop.



4. Rackbeat’s WMS Ensures Your Webshop Can Grow

It goes up and down in showbiz. Therefore, your webshop may experience rapid growth, seasonal fluctuations, and changes in customer preferences.

Fortunately, our WMS for webshops can scale up or down according to your needs and support the company’s growth, without you having to compromise on functionality or your workflows.

There are no data limitations on how many products, suppliers, sales orders Rackbeat can accommodate. If your product volume needs to grow, you can also create more storage locations in the system, so things are in order behind the scenes when you need to sell more items in your webshop.

Furthermore, Rackbeat’s WMS for webshops is cloud-based. This means that you are not tied to a single computer or laptop when you need to log in to the system. 

Thus, multiple employees can access your business from mobile, iPad, desktop, and laptop.

The system can also be customized for each employee with customizable overviews – so, for example, one does not need to sit in the sales tab if one’s work area is purchasing or inventory management.

You can read more about Rackbeat’s subscriptions and add-on modules to see how we can help your webshop grow.

5. Rackbeat’s WMS Streamlines Your Order Management

Maybe you just want to continue with the order processing inside your webshop as usual. But you can also choose to handle your sales orders from Rackbeat. See here, how quickly it can be done:

  1. As soon as an order is placed in the webshop, it will be synchronized with Rackbeat and thus appear in your order overview. From there, you can access a pick list.
  2. The employee responsible for packing the sales order can now easily find the items for the order with the pick list on the screen or printed in hand. Here, all the items and their locations in the inventory are listed.
  3. Once all the items are picked, you can send the order and include a packing slip, both via email and in print. Thus, the sent items are deducted from your inventory, so the item count for the products matches in the inventory system and the webshop.
  4. Then you can invoice the order in Rackbeat and send the invoice off to your accounting system for booking.

Rackbeat’s WMS for webshops thus streamlines the entire order process. Both by providing you with the functions needed to follow the order to the door and by connecting your inventory with the webshop and the accounting system.

“The cool thing with Rackbeat is: We have a webshop, we have Rackbeat, and then we have an accounting system. Rackbeat sits in the middle and is a good mediator. We work in Rackbeat, which has integrations to the other systems. This makes our work very intuitive and easy.” – Qais from DelsouX.



See How Rackbeat WMS Can Strengthen Your Webshop

If you want to delve deeper into how Rackbeat WMS for webshops can help your business specifically, you can advantageously book a presentation of the system with a product specialist.

But you can also try out the system yourself. We have a free trial period of 14 days without obligations, where you can test all the system’s functions. We recommend that you click “Create with demo data,” so you get fictitious products, suppliers, and customers in your trial period. This way, you do not need to spend time creating your own.