What Do I Gain by Switching from Excel to a Dedicated Inventory Management System?

Find out what you will gain by switching from Excel to a dedicated inventory management, WMS, like Rackbeat. This blog covers four key aspects of Rackbeat that have provided the most value for former Excel users, including real-time updates, improved location management and integration with other business tools.

By Rackbeat May 24, 2024

“We started with what we call an Excel solution, and it gave us a lot of manual work which made it difficult for us to get a handle on everything. Suddenly there was a lot of data. But now we just throw the product up for sale right away, and then we can always follow up on the orders in Rackbeat.” – DelsouX

When It’s Time to Leave the Excel Inventory Management 

Are you still using Excel or other spreadsheets to manage the inventory and all your item movements?


Then you are not alone. Far from it.


Many of our customers start their journey here, as spreadsheets are well-known work tools that can be used immediately without major startup difficulties. But at the same time, they tell us that it feels a bit heavy to have to explain that they are still managing things manually in 2024. In addition, spreadsheets are beginning to pose challenges for their daily operations.


Especially as the number of orders, customers, and item numbers increases.


As data piles up, the likelihood of human errors increases, and so does the amount of time you have to spend maintaining the sheets.


And this gets very costly in the long run.


However, you should know that this is a completely natural step in a company’s growth process. At Rackbeat, we understand your situation, and we are here to help you transition to a solution that turns your inventory management into a more efficient and error-free part of your business.


Therefore, we present four key features of Rackbeat’s inventory system that have delivered the most value to former Excel users.


What Can Rackbeat Offer Me That Excel Can’t?

Rackbeat is designed to eliminate manual processes and human errors by automating your inventory management as much as possible. With our inventory system, you get:


1. Real-time Updates on Inventory Levels and Control Over Inventory Values

When you manage your inventory through a dedicated system like Rackbeat, you automate the core aspect of your item handling. Every time you make a purchase, record a sale, or write down an item, the system automatically updates your inventory. This dynamic approach ensures that you always have an accurate overview of the amount of many items that are available for upcoming customer orders.


These continuous updates on inventory status provide valuable insights:


1. You know exactly when it’s time to replenish your inventory, which helps prevent both overcrowded and empty shelves. This not only optimizes storage space but also reduces costs associated with storing unnecessary items and ensures that customers receive their orders on time.


2. Furthermore, real-time updates give you an ongoing assessment of your inventory values, which is critical for effective financial planning and reporting. Knowing the precise value tied up in your inventory means you can make informed decisions about budgeting and investments.


2. Improved Location Management

With the location management in Rackbeat, you get concrete knowledge about where each item is in real time. This is not limited to identifying which warehouse the items are in if you have several.


It also allows division into sub-locations – right down to the specific shelf. This level of detail ensures complete order and overview of all your products and their locations, which is crucial for efficient inventory management and order management.


This in-depth location management makes it easier and more efficient to handle customer orders, as employees can quickly find and pick the necessary items without delays or confusion. This significantly optimizes both space utilization and time spent on order handling.

“Much of the order management took place in Excel sheets and therefore manually updated, which is not a very efficient way to do it. We have several times experienced not having items in stock that we can send out to customers because there is no control over what is in stock. Everything was tracked and handled manually, and therefore human errors occurred.” – Banana CPH.

3. Connect Your inventory with Your Entire Business Set-Up

Unlike traditional spreadsheets, Rackbeat allows you to have a seamless connection between your inventory management and other vital business tools such as your financial system, shipping system, and webshop.


This connection ensures that critical data such as customer information, product information, orders, and billing can flow freely between systems without the need for double, manual entry.


So instead of juggling some systems that are heading in different directions, you get an integrated ecosystem that ensures that all employees can work from the same starting point, which strengthens collaboration and efficiency in your organization.


4. User-Friendliness: A smooth Transition from The Spreadsheets to Rackbeat

It might seem a bit daunting to start using a brand new inventory management tool. But here you can be reassured that Rackbeat’s inventory system is created in the sign of user-friendliness, making the transition an easy and pleasant journey.

Among other things, the system has a uniform structure; so whether you are under purchasing, sales, or reporting, you will be able to easily navigate through the overviews and find the information you need. Additionally, you can choose exactly what type of information you want to deal with in your daily work.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated support that is always ready to answer your questions and help you get started. Thus, you are never alone when you are leaving the safe Excel columns.


Get a Tailored Introduction to Rackbeat

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Therefore, we offer a free conversation and presentation of Rackbeat with one of our specialists. In this session, you will together identify and uncover your specific needs. Our goal is to show you how Rackbeat can cover these and ensure a smooth transition from your spreadsheets.

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