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computer finance value


49 USD


Inventory management principle:Average Cost Method
1 integration
Manage multiple variations and locations
Product flow management
Order module
Purchase module


99 USD


Everything from: Basic
Inventory principle: FIFO
Multiple integrations
BOM (Bill Of Materials)
Manufacturing orders
Custom fields
Multidimensional location management
Quality Assurance
Discount Groups
Internal Order Movement

*1 webshop integration included. If you want additional integrations it costs 15 USD.

Get started fast and easy

Full onboarding

What will you get with Rackbeat's onboarding package?

The solution can be chosen, if you want extra help. If you have complex needs, or if you are a complete beginner, this is your package. It includes:

  • Data Import
    We handle your data import from other systems to Rackbeat ( typically from ERP-, Webshop-system, etc.)
  • Complete configuration of Rackbeat
    We make sure you choose all the right settings that match your company's needs.
  • Training
    A complete walk-through and presentation of Rackbeat, during which we ensure you are 100% confident in using the system.
  • Complete set-up of integrations
    We ensure your Rackbeat inventory is synced with all your other systems and applications.

1499 USD

Mock up integration

Can be added to premium users



99 USD

Per month/10 users.


  • Direct order communication
  • Notifications sent directly to the responsible seller
  • The client can see your inventory
  • EASY order management

Label print

99 USD

per agreement


  • Set-up- and start-up help
  • Updates and maintenance
  • Label configuration
  • Installation
  • Recommended with Zebra GK420D printer


99 USD

Per month per user


  • Serial number batch control
  • Options to attach batch control to production, both on finalized and parts of a finalized product
  • Batch tracking from purchase orders
  • Batch tracking of customer orders
  • Customized due date/expiration day to a chosen batch

Warehouse user

39 USD

Per month per user


  • Supplement to Basic and premium
  • Mobile and scanner friendly interface
  • Easy barcode scanning and stock counting
  • Receive and send orders
  • Inventory adjustments

Serial number management

49 USD

Per month per user


  • Tracking of each product
  • Traceability of purchase/sales
  • Manage which unique products the customer
    has purchased
  • Manage guarantees & warranties
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