Zone Picking

Zone Picking: A warehouse management method where the warehouse is divided into different zones, and an employee is responsible for picking orders within a specific zone. This approach can increase efficiency and accuracy in the picking process by reducing travel time and allowing employees to specialize in certain product categories.

Rackbeat January 20, 2024

Zone Picking Streamlines Larger Warehouses

Zone picking, also known as zone-based picking, is particularly effective in larger warehouse facilities with a wide variety of goods. By dividing the warehouse into zones based on product type, size, or popularity, employees can become more familiar with the specific items in their zone, leading to faster and more accurate picking processes. In zone picking systems, orders containing items from multiple zones can be handled in two ways: Either by letting the order pass through all relevant zones, where each zone worker adds the relevant items, or by collecting the items from the different zones and assembling them at a central location. The choice between these methods often depends on the warehouse size, the complexity of the orders, and the specific logistical needs.

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