Handling Time

Handling time refers to the time it takes to receive, process and prepare an order for dispatch at a warehouse. It covers all processes from the moment an order is received, to the point where it is packed and ready for delivery. Efficient handling time is crucial to maintaining high customer satisfaction and streamlining warehouse operations.

Rackbeat April 2, 2024

Stable Inventory Management Is the Key to Optimal Handling Time

Reducing the handling time of your inventory management not only optimizes internal efficiency; it is also a direct path to improving the customer’s experience with the company. Faster handling of orders leads to quicker delivery times, which is a significant factor in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advanced inventory management systems can play a central role in this process. By consolidating all purchasing and sales orders, and their corresponding order status, customers, items, etc., human errors and time consumption per order are minimized since you always have a polished overview. Through this, pick and pack processes can also be managed, ensuring that goods are accurately packed and quickly ready for shipment.

Real-time inventory updates from the inventory system are another key component to improving your handling time. These ensure that the inventory status is always updated, reducing the risk of sold-out items and allowing for immediate adjustment of the inventory. It also helps support the order management, as it is easier to fulfill incoming orders when you have a direct insight into your inventory. This further optimizes handling time.

Systems for handling shipments are also vital. They often integrate with various carriers and offer automated solutions for selecting the fastest or most cost-effective shipping method. This ensures that each order is sent in the most efficient way, based on customer preferences and geographical location. Finally, the development of user-friendly tools for picking and packing is crucial. These tools guide warehouse workers through the most efficient route in the warehouse to collect the goods, reducing the time it takes to complete an order. They also ensure that the correct items are selected, minimizing errors and returns.


How Rackbeat Minimizes Your Handling Time

Rackbeat’s inventory management system is designed to structure and streamline most aspects of order processing, from incoming orders to dispatch, thereby being a crucial factor in reducing handling time. With features like real-time inventory updates, order management, and user-friendly picking lists, Rackbeat enables businesses to optimize their warehouse operations and improve overall customer service.

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