BOM (Bill of Materials)

BOM, or "Bill of Materials," is a comprehensive list that includes all raw materials, components, and parts – and in some cases, assembly instructions and notes – that are necessary to produce a product. A BOM is essential for the production process as it ensures that all necessary materials are available and used correctly.

Rackbeat January 27, 2024

Create and Maintain an Overview of Your BOMs with Rackbeat

For businesses that produce goods, the BOM is a critical component. With Rackbeat’s inventory management system, you can create and access an overview of all the company’s BOMs. This enables more accurate monitoring and management of material consumption as well as streamlining the production itself. Rackbeat’s BOMs ensure that all necessary materials for a production run are present and available, reducing the risk of delays or production stops. By integrating BOM management into their inventory management system, Rackbeat offers a more holistic approach to inventory and production management. This contributes to improving efficiency and accuracy in the production processes, which is crucial for companies aiming to maintain competitive advantages and high product quality.

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