Picking Lists

A picking list is a document used in inventory management to gather and organize the items that need to be picked to fulfill a customer order. The picking list includes details such as item numbers, descriptions, quantities, and storage locations, making it easier for warehouse staff to find and pick the correct items quickly and efficiently.

Rackbeat June 7, 2024

The Importance of Picking Lists

Picking lists are essential elements in inventory management and order management, as they help ensure that the right products are packed and shipped to customers on time. A picking list is typically generated automatically by an inventory management system when an order is received, and it can include various types of information depending on the company’s needs.

Picking lists can be paper-based or digital, and they can be integrated with other inventory management processes such as packing and shipping. Digital picking lists are particularly advantageous as they can be updated in real-time, allowing warehouse staff to use mobile devices to pick items, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.


Rackbeat and Picking Lists

With Rackbeat, you can both print and access digital picking lists directly linked to customer orders via Rackbeat’s inventory management app and the Rackbeat WMS. This means you can pick, pack, and ship orders directly from the floor using your smartphone, iPad, or from the office. In addition to picking lists, you can also print packing slips to include with the order or send them to the customer via email, further streamlining your warehouse operations and enhancing the customer experience.

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