Vantevo are one of Norway’s leading ERP solutions. They offer IT solutions for trade-, logistics and management to a variety of companies 

With a focus on optimizing its clients workflows and a vision of always being “accessible” Vantevo continuously experienced issues with their clients WMS implementation, finding a WMS solution that lived up to customer expectations proved difficult. 

For the past couple of years, we and our clients have worked with multiple systems. We have spent several days on hosting workshops. Onboarding has always been an uphill and time-consuming process.

All set to go – in a just few minutes

After being introduced to Rackbeats warehouse management system, Vantevo’s clients experienced “completely transformed workflows”. This led to significant time- and ressource savings. 

The system’s intuitive navigation and user-friendly functionality make Rackbeat a pleasure to use. We can get our customers started in minutes. I would recommend Rackbeat to anyone looking for a flexible, user-friendly, and innovative warehouse management system.

Because of the easy Rackbeat onboarding, Vantevo can spend its time on value-creating activities. “Instead of hosting numerous upstart- and training sessions, we can now use the time with our clients – customizing the system to solve for their particular challenges”

Rackbeat is suitable for both small- medium and larger companies.
Rackbeat is now our “go-to solution” when it comes to effective warehouse management. Our customers are more than satisfied with its intuitive design, and innovative functionality.

Steinar Mc Shane EriksenCEO