Why Rackbeat?

Rackbeat is a cloud-based software solution, which means that you can access your warehouse from anywhere, 24/7. It’s a user-friendly Warehouse Management System (WMS)that utilizes the newest technologies to automate resource-intensive tasks and makes warehouse management faster, easier and more intelligent.

With our WMS you’ll always have the newest updates and features, without having to manually update an app, or pay for new functionality. That way you’ll always be in full, real time control of your inventory and you’ll have access to a range of features that are usually only found in big and expensive software solutions.

Mockup of the Rackbeat system

We help warehouse driven companies free up capital that has historically been bound in inventory. Our experience is that Small-to-medium sized companies can optimize their entire supply chain by using Rackbeat. With functionality like automatic repurchasing recommendations and order management you’ll always be ahead of the curve. Rackbeat is quick and easy to set up, simple to use, and levels the playing field so you’re competitive with even the largest competitors' advanced WMS.

It can be intimidating to change WMS from something you’re familiar with to a whole new system. In fact, according to new studies, it takes an average of 15 weeks to even make the decision to change WMS. That’s why we offer a free trial period of Rackbeat, so you can test the waters, before committing to the full dive. We believe in our product so much that we don’t ask you to commit to anything before the solution has convinced you. Furthermore, we also offer free, world-class english support, as long as you’re a Rackbeat customer.

We know that there are a multitude of requirements for a WMS based on needs, wishes, industry, and a range of other factors. That’s why Rackbeat makes it easy to tailor the solution to the specific needs of your company, so it won’t be necessary to switch to a new WMS when the companies needs change. We’ve built our platform with flexibility in mind, so you’re not paying for Batch control, for example, if you haven’t actively chosen to do so. That ensures that the price is kept low, without impacting functionality.

Additionally, we also make it a point to differentiate between different employees. A warehouse worker does not typically have the same functionality needs as a warehouse manager, so to us it makes sense that the worker isn’t priced the same.

Rackbeat is built with an API-first approach, which makes it easy and simple to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, including the most popular accounting-, POS-, shipping- and e-commerce platforms, so your company’s data is always synchronized in real time between platforms and you make less mistakes. 

If you want to read about why and how other companies are using Rackbeat, take a look at some of our customer testimonials here.

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