Integrate Your Warehouse Management with IEX

You can create a seamless connection between your webshop, point of purchase system, warehouse and accounting by integrating IEX & Rackbeat. IEX & Rackbeat specialize in bridging the four components, allowing their data to interact in one shared space.

This linkage will save you heaps of time, sweat and money as you will cut off manual labor since your order flow, economy and inventory will communicate automatically. IEX will set it up smoothly and make sure your warehouse management flows effortlessly and efficiently.

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This integration is brought to you by IEX.

NOTE: $* As the integration is provided by a third party, there will be an additional fee involved.

Integrate Your Warehouse Management with IEX

How Your Webshop Harmonizes with Your Inventory

Now you can synchronize your webshop operations and inventory management with Rackbeat, ensuring that your inventory is always up-to-date and aligned with your sales. The transfer of orders and updates to inventory status happen automatically, saving you time and energy on manual work. IEX sets everything in motion, allowing you to quickly have a self-managing warehouse.

Optimize Your Webshop’s Workflow, Ensure Accurate Accounting

If your webshop’s inventory is out of sync, you can use Rackbeat’s integration to create an efficient and simple flow for your inventory. You will also have advanced customization options at your disposal, tailored to your business needs. Additionally, Rackbeat’s inventory management system can be integrated with your accounting system, ensuring they always speak the same language.

But How Will It Benefit My Business?

A potential customer realizes that your product can fulfill his or her needs and decides to place an order, or put the item on the counter, in your shop.

At the speed of light, Rackbeat will receive a message telling it that an order has been placed, either from your webshop or your physical store. Rackbeat will then update your stock by retracting the sold items and provide your webshop with the fresh information.

Your accounting system also picks up the great news, and it will respond by producing an invoice to keep track of the bookkeeping.

The role that the IEX-integration plays in this set-up is to make sure that Rackbeat speaks with your additional management systems, e.g. your accounting software. Thus, you never have to worry about whether your invoices, accounting and warehouse management are on a three-way dial. They always pick up each other’s calls.

Rackbeat & IEX Give You Complete Control of Your Order Flow and Inventory as You Get:

<b>Puts Your Orders in Order</b>
Puts Your Orders in Order

It is the orders that put the sauce on your potatoes. Therefore, you need a clear overview of all the orders your company has in circulation. An IEX-integration will bring you along for the entire journey.

<b>Updates Your Order Status</b>
Updates Your Order Status

As soon as an order has been packed and is set to leave the storage, your webshop will receive an update on the status of the order.

<b>Systematizes Your Stock</b>
Systematizes Your Stock

The maintenance of your stock will be kept by the warehouse management system. The WMS will always keep you posted and spare your customers the sad experience of meeting empty stocks.

<b>Rackbeats Your Webshop</b>
Rackbeats Your Webshop

Whenever a purchase has been made in your webshop, Rackbeat will automatically make a write-down and adjust your stock. You will also be notified when the stock is starting to run out, and you can thus make a refill, so your webshop is ready to take care of your potential customers.

Automatizes Your Webshop, POS, Warehouse and Accounting System

IEX allows you to synchronize your webshop, POS, accounting, warehouse management etc. Your stock is thereby always updated and in tune with your sales. The transfer of order information and warehouse statuses flows automatically, which will spare you oceans of time spent on manual labor.

Send Your Orders Off Safely
Whenever an order departs from your warehouse to land home safely with its owner, you will receive an updated order status on your webshop. Thereby, you will always stay in touch with the most important aspect of your business: the order of your customer.

Your Warehouse Works 24/7
When your order has arrived in your customer’s lap, your warehouse management system will make sure that you are not left with empty stocks and shelves. The WMS never takes a day off as it runs an intensive 24-hour status on your warehouse. And in doing so, it will quickly notify you when you have to refill your stock.

Freshly Baked Invoices from Your Accounting System
As soon as an order has been placed, the product is home at its rightful owner and the money has arrived, you will immediately receive an invoice from your accounting system of choice in Rackbeat. Your warehouse management and accounting system will therefore have a symbiotic relationship.

Automatizes Your Webshop, POS, Warehouse and Accounting System
IEX Connects Rackbeat to Your Current Systems

IEX Connects Rackbeat to Your Current Systems

No matter which accounting systems, webshops or POS your company prefers, IEX can easily integrate them. This allows you to gather all the information and data you need in one place.

What if I need more advanced settings? Even though IEX can set up very simplified settings, that does not alleviate the option of you gaining more advanced possibilities at your disposal. These can be shaped to perfectly fit your company’s needs, size and abilities.

IEX will take you along for the ride when they integrate your system, which puts you in the position to become an expert user.

Will my entire company then be able to operate the system? Yes, indeed. The integration process grants you the perfect tools to spread the knowledge, so the relevant people in your company will be able to operate the system. Everybody will have access and therefore share a bird’s eye view.

Assistance, guidance and help will always be readily available for you and your company. Do not hesitate to call or write IEX if you are interested in hearing how your management systems can work together in perfect harmony. You will gain a lot of time, money and satisfied customers when your management processes are automated.

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