Integrate Your Warehouse Management with IEX

You can create a seamless connection between your webshop, point of purchase system, warehouse and accounting by integrating IEX & Rackbeat. IEX & Rackbeat specialize in bridging the four components, allowing their data to interact in one shared space.

This linkage will save you heaps of time, sweat and money as you will cut off manual labor since your order flow, economy and inventory will communicate automatically. IEX will set it up smoothly and make sure your warehouse management flows effortlessly and efficiently.

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Integrate Your Warehouse Management with IEX

But How Will It Benefit My Business?

A potential customer realizes that your product can fulfill his or her needs and decides to place an order, or put the item on the counter, in your shop.

At the speed of light, Rackbeat will receive a message telling it that an order has been placed, either from your webshop or your physical store. Rackbeat will then update your stock by retracting the sold items and provide your webshop with the fresh information.

Your accounting system also picks up the great news, and it will respond by producing an invoice to keep track of the bookkeeping.

The role that the IEX-integration plays in this set-up is to make sure that Rackbeat speaks with your additional management systems, e.g. your accounting software. Thus, you never have to worry about whether your invoices, accounting and warehouse management are on a three-way dial. They always pick up each other’s calls.