Quick Response Code (QR Code) is a matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode consisting of black squares arranged on a square grid against a white background. QR codes can store a wide range of information and be quickly read by a QR scanner or a smartphone camera, making them extremely useful for quick and easy sharing of information.

Rackbeat January 23, 2024

QR Codes Are Everywhere Today

Quick Response Codes, commonly known as QR codes, were originally developed to track components in the automotive industry, but their use is now widespread across many different sectors. These codes can contain information such as text, URLs, contact information, or even Wi-Fi network access. Due to their ability to quickly encode and decode information, QR codes have become a popular tool in marketing, inventory management, and mobile payments. In inventory management, QR codes can play a significant role by enhancing efficiency and accuracy. By applying QR codes to products, shelves, or warehouse bins, businesses can quickly track and locate items within the warehouse. This contributes to faster inventory counting, error reduction, and improved inventory management.

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