Warehouse Management with Amero

  • Inventory and products are automatically transferred in real-time between POS and Rackbeat

  • Automized processes for receiving and creating orders

  • A comprehensive overview of your various inventory locations

  • Synchronization between your warehouse management system and POS

Integrating Amero POS with Rackbeat ensures that your data will automatically be transferred between the two systems – regardless of which system you make changes in.

The integration ensures 24-hour access to your inventory and a detailed, up-to-date overview.

The integration can automate several workflows in your company, thereby freeing up company resources and time. For example, if you create a product in Rackbeat, it will automatically be created in your Point-of-Sales system, thereby eliminating the necessity of creating the products in both systems.

The integration between your POS system and Rackbeat has the potential to become one of your most valuable assets. The integration automates a multitude of different processes from purchasing to selling, organizing inventory, packing, receiving goods and returning goods – saving you time and resources.


Please be aware of the following if you are working with Rackbeat and e-conomic via the Amero integration

1. All invoices must be created in Rackbeat and transferred to e-conomic. This means that invoices cannot be transferred the other way around – from e-conomic to Rackbeat.

2. The old inventory module, Lager of e-conomic, must not be activated in e-conomic.


This integration is brought to you by Amero.

NOTE: $* As the integration is provided by a third party, there will be an additional fee involved.


What is Amero?

Amero has delivered POS-solutions with FlexPos software since 2011, serving everyone from small independent stores to large omnichannel retailers. It is a solid, danish company offering danish support and locally developed software. Amero has solid technical and field-specific expertise, as a result, they can guide and help everyone from the small independent store to the largest chain stores.

  • Honest best solution advice and beginning-to-end implementation

  • Delivers simple and user-friendly POS systems that integrate the best ERP-, webshop and Warehouse Management software solutions

  • Powerful POS software from FlexPOS, which has been quality tested in thousands of companies. There is an infinite number of customization options, so it can be adjusted precisely to your needs and wants

  • Avg. customer service phone response is 10 seconds. Therefore, you can quickly get the help you need, regardless of whether you need advice on how Amero can support your business development, or you just want to inquire about how to change a specific setting

Amero puts its customers first, therefore the focus is on ensuring the customer feels supported at every step of their journey. Amero has customers in multiple industries and has employees that have been on the other side of the table, i.e. other industries, as a result, they really know what their customers need in order to succeed. With Amero one has the option of integrating one's POS system with several other systems, e.g. accounting-, ERP-, webshop-, payment-, and warehouse management software, which makes it possible to run a successful company without drowning in administration.

You can read more about Amero here

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