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Oslo City Bike

How Oslo City Bike Overcame Their Logistical Woes with an Inventory Management System

The challenges of a growing business

Oslo City Bike faced challenges when trying to find a scalable software solution, that could grow in tandem with the company. Furthermore, they needed a solution that supported daily operations so the logistical challenges of growth could be dealt with.

Keeping an overview of inventory was especially difficult, a huge problem due to the company structure of Oslo City Bike: When the company was growing fast, a need for a better inventory mangement system that could ease their logistical load arose: We’re a micro-mobility enterprise. That means that our core activities are centered arond short distance logistics – and that’s why getting our logistical processes in order was completely essential, if we wanted to keep growing. We were also facing challenges keeping an overview of our inventory.

Rackbeat to the Rescue!

With a long list of requirements and specifications, Oslo City Bike researched a lot of Warehouse Management Systems. Because warehouses and logistics are sizable elements of their business model it was absolutely essential that they found the perfect WMS. They didn’t just have long list of requirements and specifications either, they also had high standards when it comes to usability and backend software.

We needed a software solution that could grow as fast as we could.

The right solution for us needed to be agile and be able to give us intelligent propositions for improvements, for example optimization of internal warehouse processes.

We needed a warehouse solution that was easy to use, but could be customized to our pretty complex warehouse needs.

Oslo City Bike found Rackbeat after testing out a myriad of systems.
They saw Rackbeat as the perfect match, because the system assisted their growth, solved their logistical challenges, and gave them a much needed overview.

We had undertaken a very thorough evaluation of most Warehouse Management Systems out there…
Aside from the very high requirements for functionality, we also had some big asks for the software, as we’re also a tech-focused company.